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Best SUV 2014 - List of Best SUVs That Are Available On The Market Today. Pick Your Choice From The Top 5 Best SUVs Here!
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There Is Still Room for SUVs in 2014

It wasn't too long ago that sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, took
over the market as being a great alternative to a truck. These SUVs
allowed families to be able to haul trailers and boats while still
carrying their all the members of the family. Recently, with the
increase in gas prices, SUV manufacturers have made a great effort to
increase fuel efficiency in these automobiles so they are more appealing
to those environmentalists as well as consumers who are looking to cut
down on fuel costs, ultimately leading to these good SUVs making into
the top ranked SUVs category in many countries.

Best SUVs in 2014

The best SUVs 2014 selection includes large SUVs, compact SUVs, and
Luxury SUVs
. These top ranked SUVs are rated on dependability, style,
fuel efficiency, and interior quality. It is absolutely imperative that
today?s consumers, when researching good SUVs, looks at all of these
aspects of the vehicle when deciding which model will be best for them.

Large SUVs tend to be the biggest consumers of gasoline and will usually
be more expensive to repair since there is just more to them. However,
SUVs like the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban are both excellent vehicles for a
family since there is plenty of room to grow, and they have a lot of
power so towing capacity is massive. Along with great towing capacity,
large SUVs also tend to have a great ride. The design of a large SUV is
one that is meant for towing, and because of that suspension system, it
makes for a very smooth ride.

Large SUVs

Large SUVs are, however, starting to become more and more rare on the
road because consumers are finding compact SUVs better suit their needs.
The top ranked SUVs tend to have a lot of compact SUVs in them due to
the great fuel efficiency and safety. The best SUVs 2014 class has many
smaller or compact SUVs in them such as the Ford Escape or the Mazda
CX-5. These vehicles offer many amenities such as all-wheel drive which
is great for the northern states in the winter and also much better
handling. These compact SUVs also tend to have better transmissions due
to the lighter build of their bodies. Since the transmission does not
have to work as hard to get up to speed.

Luxury SUVs

The last class of SUVs comes in the luxury SUVs. These luxury SUVs are,
most of the time, priced out of the average consumers budget, but for
good reasons. When you go with the luxury SUV such as the Lexus RX or
Acura MDX you will be getting a car that has been masterfully engineered
to run at its peak performance and have a top of the line interior. The
best SUVs 2014 class has placed a large emphasis on technology in the
cabin. Old are the days when you need to turn a knob to increase the
heat, now a touch screen display is taking over the center console
controls. The top ranked SUVs in this class will usually have starting
prices closer to $40,000 and go into the six figures. You do, however,
get what you pay for.

While there seems to be more and more small compact cars on the roads,
there is still room for good SUVs. Before buying one, though, all
consumers need to make sure they use all the resources available to them
to make sure the best choice is made.

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