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Best SUV 2014 - List of Best SUVs That Are Available On The Market Today. Pick Your Choice From The Top 5 Best SUVs Here!
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Top 5 SUVs for 2014

The automotive industry is battling some challenging obstacles in competition for best SUV 2014. They must produce models that are both efficient and rich in technology. Manufacturers who offer a luxury SUV are looking for ways to provide all the room and power found in a top SUV without fuel waste. Five models look promising in the best SUV 2014 category.

Ford Escape

In 2013, the Ford Escape topped the best of list for U.S. News. Odds are this compact SUV will be a hit in 2014, as well. There will not be many changes in the new model. Why should Ford mess with a top SUV design that has been one of their best sellers. The Escape has the advantage of being both affordable and fun to drive. It comes will a classy list of high-tech features such as the motion-activated liftgate and some impressive safety additions.

Buick Enclave

One best SUV 2014 is getting is a slight style makeover from the 2013 model to turn it into a luxury SUV. The Buick Enclave is an option for consumers looking to seat at least seven people comfortably. Marketed as a midsized SUV, Buick is not planning to make it smaller. They are working towards a few cosmetic changes such as a restyled grille. The new design will be sleeker while still maintaining the girth. Inside, the 2014 model will have much the same setup, but all the new releases have Buick?s Intellilink system.

Mazda CX-5

Crossover lovers will be looking to the new, more powerful Mazda CX-5. The 2013 model was a top SUV, but some criticized Mazda?s engine choice. They will be fixing that problem come 2014. The future CX-5 will come loaded with a 2.5-liter Skyactiv 4-cylinder engine to replace the 2.0 version in the current generation. The benefit is more torque and slightly more power.

Tesla Model X

An SUV looking to make a name for itself as a luxury SUV contender in 2014 is the Tesla Model X electric crossover. This SUV crossover offers a higher ride then the Tesla Model S sedan with front-facing third row seats. One noteworthy feature on the Model X is the 'falcon wing' back doors. The door lifts up and then bends in the middle. The design means that passengers aren?t stuck trying to wiggle out when parked in a tight space. The wide opening serves both the second and third rows. Tesla calls it the largest door slot of any passenger vehicle.

Chevy Tahoe

There has been much speculation over what Chevrolet has planned for a number of their SUV models including the Tahoe. The next generation Tahoe will carry a lighter load with a smaller engine block. The 2014 model has a 5.3-liter V-8 engine with direct fuel injection. The goal is to keep the spacey interior but make the vehicle lighter and more fuel-efficient. Chevrolet has been reworking the design of their Tahoe for a number of years. GM continues with their standard body on frame design, but will incorporate high strength steel into the mix. It is too early to say for sure whether they will make many cosmetic changes to the model. It is likely that they will focus on fuel ratings for the first release.

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