Best SUV 2014

Best SUV 2014 - List of Best SUVs That Are Available On The Market Today. Pick Your Choice From The Top 5 Best SUVs Here!
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Your Choice On The Best Cars for 2014

How do car buyers decide which are the best cars to buy in the segment they select. There are a few guidelines such as (a) Road test - where the car's overall performance achieves a high ranking. (b) If the said car is involved in a crash, how will it emerge. Pertinent tests are conducted by the Government and the insurers, to check this out. (c) A consumer survey is taken, wherein consumers report their comments on the reliability of the car. The report needs to have an above-predicted rating by the company, to pass the test. Fuel economy is another area that needs looking into, when selecting a best SUV 2014.

In the best car category, if your heart is set on buying a Ford Mustang, it definitely falls well within the range of best car 2014. The new model offers more power, extremely comfortable seating, and a classy finish. The prices ranges between US$ 29,000 TO US$ 43,000, depending on the model selected.

Lower price ranges

The Hyundai Sonata comes in a lower price range of around US$ 22,000. For this price, you will enjoy a spacious, well equipped cabin, smooth ride, easy turning capacity, and a good mile per gallon output. Though the Sonata is more in the coupe class, the rear seat, and rear visibility are good, compared to other similar cars.

The new 2012 Camry Hybrid surged to the front of the family sedan category. Its 38 mile per gallon performance, is indeed impressive for a car of this size. A spacious interior, quick acceleration, and classy interior, makes for a really comfortable ride. The Camry Hybrid is available for around US$ 29,000.
In the small SUV section, the Toyota RAV4 is a good buy. Inspite of its small size, the interior is roomy. It is an extremely reliable SUV, ensuring comfort and responsive handling. The price would range between US$ 25,000 TO us$ 30,000.

For families who need a larger car, the Toyota Sienna is the answer. Comfortable, roomy, and versatile, this minivan can seat upto eight people. In the minivan category, the Sienna is the only vehicle with an all-wheel drive. However, not having proved too reliable, it is recommended to go in for only the front-wheel model. The Sienna offers economical fuel consumption. The vehicle is priced around US$ 35,000.

For the Sports Enthusiasts

On to the sports enthusiasts the Infiniti G is an attraction grabber. With its agile movements, high rate of acceleration, and well designed interiors, this car finds its way into the high scoring levels of sedans. It moves well both on bumpy roads, as well as smooth highways. Any drawbacks? If one is not happy with a smallish trunk, and tight-fit cabin, these might prove irkful.

The above may prove helpful if you are deciding to buy a new car, especially if you are in the market for the best car 2012.

Your Choice On The Best Cars for 2014 | ** Best SUV 2014 (3)
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